Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Another Week fo Sobriety


As the Kardashian's rule ratings and our hypnotized society lives in more fear of the economy than what is really going on in our ecosystem things like this slip under the radar. It makes one think, is this all some sort of hoax to make false realities ever so popular while big corporation continue to try to sweep the rug out from under humanity?

I watched Blue Gold last night. This documentary about the truth of today's water supply really opened my eyes to the privatization of everyone's human right to water. You should educate yourself and be passing this one on along to your peers as well.

Last night I came to this conclusion. Corporations are most definitely not people yet they get the same rights as we do. Corporations are not capable of feeling emotion or sympathizing with your average citizen. Their only drive and focus every day is one thing, Money. As people we ourselves have turned into mini corporations with money being what enslaves us all to these systems in society. However the difference is that people still do in fact have feelings. We think based on how we feel and what we know to be true at that moment. Corporations do not. They do not think they just function based solely on the bottom line at all times. This is a what we have started to become.

Countries based around corporations needs and interests before the people and, more importantly than the people, the planet in which we habituate for survival. If we use up all the planets finite resources and continue on with the over consumption of ones that don't have time to renew themselves we will extinguish ourselves. The planet will still be here and take back what was taken away from it it just may take thousands of years. However we will not.

I highly suggest anyone reading todays blog to educate yourself on what is really going on around you in regards to the worlds water supply and watch Blue Gold. It is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen and very well put together.

Tiffini Truth