Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Another Week of Sobriety

Facebook or Faux

In 10 years I hope this weeks blog is irrelevant to what modern day standards are in the future. However today it is unfortunately more relevant than ever and effects most everyone's lives that exist anywhere on the Internet. The topic of discussion today is "facebook" a site in which 5 years ago when it was starting to become more popular than myspace I was very hesitant to sign up and was never into the fact that it tried to imitate personal life so much digitally. I preferred myspace as a vehicle to use to post my most recent work as a then glamour model in a public format and promote my upcoming photo shoots. However myspace died and then everyone had no choice but to use facebook in order to continue to establish an online following/fanbase.

As the way we use the internet has changed over the past 5 years has changed so have I. Dramatically I must say. I decided to dedicate my career to art and ended my career as a glamour model no longer posing nude to evolve to the next stage of my career. So for the past 3 years I have taken grinding into my own hands and built a whole new career for myself. A new vehicle that will hopefully drive me around the world at least a few times. I have so much more I have learned and many more skills now than I ever had managed to hone in my entire lifetime. I credit that to my lifestyle change and new found inspiration from singing and songwriting.

However now with facebook being the standard for any sort of "social networking" online I really feel that independent artists such as myself are getting lost in that shuffle. People seem to think that if they simply "like" a page that means they have done what they need to support and artist. Which is a seriously skewed view of what the reality is. The reality is no matter how many "likes" one gets it does not in fact translate into real artist support whatsoever. You could have 5000 people "liking" your page but not one of those people will buy your album or merchandise which is seriously a flawed sense of fan-ship. One that needs to be addressed by all artists especially the independents like myself.

Major labels and agencies rarely acknowledge us because we don't fit into a specific mold of what is happening now in pop culture. That is because more of the independent artists march to their own drum and prefer to push their own envelopes as apposed to one that has already been pushed before. It's great to have this creative freedom but with that becomes ever so much more important to have the individual artist support from those following your work. Think of it as if you went into your job today and your boss decided not to pay you for the work you do yet expected you to continue to work for him. Would you be happy with getting nothing for giving everything?

In 1995 there was only one of two ways I could get a piece of my favorite artists work and that would be buy buying their records or merchandise. Fast forward almost 20 years to 2012 and albums are now becoming EP's and artists are feeling pressured to just give it away for free since the 99% will most likely be downloading the music anyway. My how much our times have changed. To be honest most musicians never made much money when signed to labels off record sales a lot went back to the labels. However the translation of purchasing a record/merchandise to now waiting to download everything onto your home computer is seriously warped.

This has trickled down to the independents such as myself making it now harder than ever in history to just perform our crafts. Just to get to the stage we are digging more than ever into our own pockets to entertain others. How is this at all an even playing field. It simply is not. I truly believe that of course things need to change however it is up to the artists to start being the fundamental part of that.

Since the majors have lost control of how music/entertainment is distributed it is really up to the artists to decide that for themselves. People will steal and continue to think that "liking" a page is enough to support the evolution of someones art form. That we have no control over. By giving away half of your art for nothing is only feeding into that fire. This is why I have chosen to stop this.

For a little over 2 years now I fell into the facebook bubble as a form of "social networking". If you don't have $5000+ to put into a PR campaign how else does one communicate with the public these days. With the Internet being such a free form of communication it sure is increasingly difficult when your trying to actually be heard. Not by spamming or commenting but when you really have something tangent to show others if your not using facebook or posting amateur videos on youtube how does one get heard?

Facebook went from being a "fan" of a page to now just "liking" it. As though asking people to be a fan was too much anymore. "Liking" I suppose feels like less of a commitment to what you stand behind and what you don't. If you only "like" something does that mean that you will ever become a real "fan" of someones work? Such simple words to use with having such different condentations. By just changing a word you change the way people view your work that is on display.

I personally have never been so fond of  calling myself a fan or calling others "fans" I just like to think of it all as supporting good art. Artists and those that support other artists and their work. It goes hand in hand. Without one you cannot have the other. They are both equally as important to someones career. However when the artist is now expected to now continuously post free content online with absolutely no retribution how far can that artists career really go? Realistically, not far at all until that artists work dies. A sad day indeed for when that happens now more than ever.

I have made the conscious decision not to post any more content on my Facebook page until more prints are sold. In an effort to get those if any people that really do support my art form behind it for once. If you want a piece of the Grind here it is. By doing so you directly impact how much bigger and better I can make my show for your enjoyment and others. I have a limited edition Skull Series now on sale via Ebay which includes shipping. By starting here I hope to get more support behind me so I can release my first music video to the album this Fall that will be released in the upcoming year.


Hand in hand it all goes together into one stream of consciousness but that is only if the supporters work with the artists to help get there. This is not about how many times you "like" a page, or comment on a photo. That is not reality. Reality is what you hold in your hands, physical copies of art and music that soon will be released and stay in your head. That is what art through entertainment is all about.

Tiffini Truth